What are your TV habits?

TV channel zapping

TV channel zapping

Have you ever stopped and paid attention to how much TV you watch? Do you allow your kids to watch a lot of TV? Do you know that you could be using that time toward something that is really going to impact your life?

Television goes back a long time. Many of us grew up watching it every free minute we had. Some of us continue to do so and have allowed that on our children or grandchildren. What we often don’t think about is the amount of time we are simply wasting. Watching TV is really a waste of time. It is entertainment but it comes at a cost. It becomes a routine and that is what we teach our children when we do it. Watching TV doesn’t add any value to our lives. On the contrary, it takes away because it bombards our brains with millions of bits of data and information which keeps our minds on things that aren’t beneficial.

When you watch a show such as Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, you are focusing on someone else’s life. When you watch a game, you are making others rich and putting yourself through stress by rooting for a team and in the end, the result doesn’t impact your life other than just giving you a moment of happiness or pleasure. Instead, you could be using those hours to read or spending time with the people you love.

When we focus on things going on around the world or even in our own neighborhoods, we worry and can’t enjoy life because we are wondering if that something is hitting close enough to home and if we will be victims of whatever it is. It is better to simply ignore a lot of those things as they are just noise for our brains. In ignoring a lot of the things on TV or just not watching TV period, your life will take a turn for the better and you will be a free individual!

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