As previously mentioned, I’m an NFT and Crypto fan. Today I’m super stoked because I have received my first NFT in my Ethereum wallet. Below, I’ll tell you what I got, why I got it and how YOU can get your hands on one of these awesome NFTs. Let’s begin!

In doing my research, I learned that you just don’t buy any NFT unless you just really like something or have tons of money. What I learned is that you look for a sense of belonging to a group or community. You look at the creators, the public interaction, the quality of the work, etc.

In looking up and reviewing various collections and creators, I came across a fairly new but really dedicated creator. He goes by HoodieGang on Twitter. Here’s his twitter profile

What I really liked about HoodieGang is the constant online promotion that he is doing for his NFTs and the engagement he receives on his posts. There is a lot of interest for his art so I can honestly say, his work will increase in value over time which is what we need to be looking for when investing in NFTs. The way that happens is, the creator or Artist has to go out there and make a name for themselves and HoodieGang is doing that 100X.

On top of that, he is very responsive to message on his Twitter account. He takes pride in what he does and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it. That’s how I learned of his work and what made me decide to get involved. HoodieGang is also active on TikTok. Here is his link to that if you’d like to follow him .

In a matter of just hours HoodieGang has managed to sell quite a few on his NFTs on OpenSea. Here’s the direct link to his collection for you to browse and pick up a few of his NFTs . Heck, at the rate this creator is going, it would be wise to own all of them. I know I want to!

It is my understanding that new NFTs from this creator are in the works so be sure to get in line to be the first to know about them. Just follow him on his Twitter so you can get first hand knowledge of his new cool creations.

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