Are you comfortable?

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Have you ever stopped to think that the majority of us fall into the comfortable category of life? Most of us have a 40 hour a week job and maybe a part time job to make ends meet, we have weekends off, paid vacation (usually 2 weeks) which you have to take off when it’s okay for your employer (forget what you want), we have a 401K and we work like slaves for 40 years or more. To me, this sounds tiring and ridiculous yet the majority of us are comfortable doing this.

Comfort is painful

What we fail to see is that there is another side to being comfortable and that is being uncomfortable. As the name suggests, uncomfortable is not what we see as something we want or a position we want to be in. Consequently, most of us choose not to do it and remain comfortable for the rest of our lives.

I have some news for you, the moment you make a decision to be uncomfortable and do the things that the majority of us are not doing, you will free yourself and you will experience the meaning of true comfort. Until now, when I used the word comfort, although it may seem like a good thing to you, it was not! What is good is true comfort which only a small percentage of the population experience every day. What seems comfortable to the majority of us is actually living a dream and/or a lie.

True comfort comes from not having to work like a slave and actually have time to spend with your friends and loved one. Not have to worry about not having enough money in the bank for your mortgage payment, not having to worry about your electricity, gas, cable or cell phone being cut off. Most of us think we’re comfortable because we do the most we can and “that’s just life” we say right? Wrong, the problem is we don’t want to get uncomfortable and do different things which will take us to true comfort. There is so much more out there than most of us know or want to believe. The funny thing is that most of us want something better but are too comfortable to get out there and chase them. Time to get uncomfortable and go for your true dreams.

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