Are you waiting for tomorrow?

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Many of us have a lot of things that we want to do and accomplish but we also have this notion that there will always be tomorrow and therefore we don’t start today. Unfortunately, tomorrow is not always guaranteed. Some of us will see tomorrow, others won’t. You see, tomorrow is really an illusion. It’s another one of our dreams. It’s something we want to happen but we can’t control or guarantee to ourselves.

I ask you to stop for a minute and just think of everything you want to do and let’s pretend that tomorrow is not coming and that you only have until midnight to get it done. If this was the case, what would you do? What would your priority be? Wake up, this is the case! Many people around the world will NOT see tomorrow. Fortunately for them, they will not be able to regret not having done what they wanted to do but at the same time, they deprived themselves of the pleasure and satisfaction of having done it! Go out and do today what you think you can do tomorrow as tomorrow may be too late!

Tomorrow will not come for many of us

Tomorrow is an illusion