Fan Pages (What are your thoughts?)

So a few years ago, I wrote an article about Fan Pages on Facebook. I will provide the link later in this article. A few things have changed since then. Facebook has introduced the live feed option or Mentions and they have taken a stance on a lot of fraudulent practices by Verifying pages.

I run a few fan pages myself, one of which is verified. Check it out here if you want (My verified Page). It is important to know that as a facebook profile owner, you can have many fan pages but you can only verify one! Yeah, only one verified page per profile. This might also change in the future but for now, it’s the way it is. Initially, I thought of the verification approval as something totally cool because only legitimate businesses or high profile people could get it and once you got it, oh boy, you unlocked the new feature, MENTIONS! Mentions is a separate app which works with verified pages. It basically allows you to go live to all your fans. This joy took a turn for the worst for me because shortly after my page became verified, Facebook launched the live feature to all users who have iPhones. This is not yet available for Android users but according to this source, it should be available for Android soon as well. However, there are a few important differences. While any person who has a facebook account and an iPhone (soon also for Android) can now go live with their friends, you are still limited to those 5,000 friends and a maximum of 30 minutes live. However through a verified fan page, you can have millions of followers and go live with Mentions and you can broadcast for up to 90 minutes. Those are the main differences at this point.

When it comes to getting fans, we still have the same problem. Some people are very skeptical about hitting the LIKE button on a page. Doing that is not like giving someone your email address and suddenly getting bombarded with unwanted ads. Fan pages publish things of interest to their followers for the most part and if there is a post you don’t like don’t read it. It’s not like you will get a personal message every time one of the pages you liked makes a post. If you come across a page you like, hit the like button, I promise you won’t lose anything and no one will come knocking on your door to hurt you.

Personally, I get a lot of invitations to LIKE pages. I do it even if I’m not interested in what the page is about but we all need to support each other, especially if you received an invite from a friend to like his or her page or one of their friends’ pages. Don’t be that person! After all, if you had a fan page, you would want as many likes as possible right? I know you would so do it today for others and tomorrow they may do it for you.

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