How to get FREE Dogecoin

If you haven’t heard or read about Crypto, specifically Dogecoin, you don’t know what you’re missing. Everyone wants in and just like everyone, you have to get in on it too!

Many superstars and Billionaires are investing in Dogecoin among other Crypto. This post will focus on Dogecoin only. Did you know that you can get some totally FREE Dogecoin. That’s right, you can. I’ll explain that and more here just in case you need the explanation. By the time you finish reading this short post, you will be ready to proceed.

The first thing you need to do is go to this on your PC or your android device and download the Dogecoin wallet. This wallet will provide you with an address to have the Free Dogecoin desposited to any time, from anywhere in the world. Once you have your free wallet, you can move your coins from there any time and to anyone with a wallet address. Addresses may be with different wallet providers but that doesn’t matter as long as you have an address. A Dogecoin address if for Dogecoin only. If you want to look into Bitcoin or any other coin/crypto, you must have a wallet that supports that specific crypto. Just so you know, the wallet address to receive coins using will change every time you will receive coins. This is for protection of your assets. Once you have the wallet ready, head on over to one of both of these sites and claim your free Doge.

You can claim free Doge every 30 minutes on one and every few hours on the other so keep coming back for more! I personally do this in 6 sites to get as much free Doge as I can. You can also look up other places where you can get free Doge but be very careful as there are also people out there trying to steal your Doge.

Here are the links:

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