LIKE pages on Facebook…CONSEQUENCES???

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Facebook has become, by far, the most popular social media site in the history of the Internet. Consequently, many businesses, organizations, bands, musicians, actors, individuals, entrepreneurs, etc., are taking advantage of this traffic creating MONSTER! I mean, why shouldn’t we?

If you are any of the above, besides your personal profile, you most likely have a Fan Page. If you don’t, you need to get one! Remember, friends max out at 5,000 while fan pages have no limits. Now, here’s what I’ve observed in the last few years running a few of these pages myself.

While posting something on your pages doesn’t hurt anyone who has liked it, there are many people who are terrified about hitting LIKE on a page. I’ve literally begged people to LIKE a page and they worry about what they’re going to get. This to me doesn’t make sense because the fan page activity for the most part is in a separate category so it is optional if a person wants to see it/read it. If it shows up in the news feed, it can be ignored as I’m sure many other posts are if they really don’t want to read it or aren’t interested. By liking a page, you are not signing your life away or allowing anyone access to your information. Apps are a different story yet people install games and other apps every second and they don’t worry so much about that.

In short, supporting someone by LIKING their page is not going to kill you and it will help that person asking for the LIKE. If you’d like the favor returned, create a fan page for yourself and ask them to LIKE you back. I’m sure if they asked for your LIKE, they will not hesitate to give you theirs. I know when someone asks me for a LIKE, I happily give it unless it’s something for a page that is morally wrong like porno or something. Other than that, I give it my LIKE because it doesn’t cost me anything and who knows, I may actually find something useful there one day!