My NFT Collection (Saving Rondo and Understanding NFTs


MY NFT Collection and what are NFTs? NFT’s are in and a very hot ticket item in 2022. People are making a lot of money creating their NFT collection and from selling NFTs on a lot of the popular NFT marketplaces. I,Pablo Zelaya, have started My NFT collection on the site Opensea because that’s the most popular NFT site available. I will also explain a bit on what are NFTs? When selling an NFT, one must decide wether to use the Ethereum or the Polygon blockchain. Pablo opted for the Polygon blockchain as it does not charge gas fees to seller or buyer.

Pablo’s collection is focused around a tiny monkey name Rondo. Rondo’s species is on the brink of extinction and on the list of the 25 most endangered primates according to this article. This NFT collection is actually to get people to fall in love with Rondo thereby raising awareness of its existence and endangered status. We want to help conserve Rondo’s habitat. This is a noble cause and we want to make sure that if you’re an NFT Collector, you know the story behind the Rondo Collection on Opensea and we ask that you dig deep down in your heart and support our collection.

The NFT collection was launched successfully in January 2022 and obtained a lot of traction on Twitter. The Twitter Handle is @RondotheGalago and the hashtag #RONDO is beginning to trend.

Rondo The Characters

As of February 15, 2022, 8 of the planned 100 characters have been released plus one additional Limited Edition character (He Man Rondo). New characters are released on Tuesdays and Fridays of every week.

The Rondo NFT Collection has 10 different levels of characters depending on various things such as items of clothing, super heroes, etc. The higher the category, the higher the price. Rondo the original starts at $3 per NFT. The categories are 1) Common; 2) Uncommon; 3) Rare; 4) Super Rare; 5) Ultra Rare; 6) Mega Rare; 7) Legendary; 8) Legendary Rare; 9) Legendaray Super Rare; and 10) The Ultimate Rondo. Limited copies of each character will be minted.

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