Take control of your weight! Beat Obesity! I am on my way!! FOLLOW ME!

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Knowing your weight is extremely important for many reasons but mainly, for health reasons. Many people worry about weight because of how they look and not about the health consequences a few extra pounds, or a lack thereof, may cause. Unfortunately, in North America today, we don’t have an under weight issue, we have an obesity epidemic that is killing many people and making even more, really sick! Seven out of ten people are obese today including children. This means that they are significantly overweight not just by a few pounds.

If you want to take control of your weight and not become a statistic, read on..

While it is true that our lifestyle, what we eat, our jobs, lack of exercise, and many other factors, play a role in our weight, they are not the ones that ultimately dictate whether or not we will be fat or obese. It is totally up to you. As I’m struggling with my own weight loss and feel like I’m about to beat it, I have found that it all starts with knowing your IDEAL WEIGHT! When you know your ideal weight which changes with your age, body frame and height, you will be able to ALWAYS be in control and tackle any excess weight early on before it gets out of control.

In my case, I am 5’10” with a large body frame. My ideal weight is between 176 and 193 pounds. For the longest time, I’ve been almost 260. I am now happy to report that for the first time in a quarter century, I am below 200 and super excited about it! Once I get to my ideal weight, it will just be a matter of maintaining. I wish I would have known this years ago but hey, better late than never right?

According to the Office of the Surgeon General, as weight increases, so does the risk for death, especially in adults age 30 to 64. Just 10 to 20 extra pounds increases the risk of dying from heart disease and developing diabetes. Women who gain more than 20 pounds after age 18 double their risk for postmenopausal breast cancer. The surgeon general says that “for every two-pound increase in weight, the risk of developing arthritis is increased by 9 to 13 percent.” In contrast, arthritis symptoms improve with weight loss. Sleep apnea (which I have but has gotten significantly better), gallbladder disease, incontinence and many other medical conditions can be caused by putting on extra weight during the adult years (I personally had cholesterol and was pre-hypertension).

Find out your ideal weight here: http://www.healthcentral.com/diet-exercise/ideal-body-weight-3146-143.html

Watch the video of what I was able to accomplish in 90 days. If I can do it, you can too!